Handcrafted Rustic Shelves

Wood rustic shelves help you to create that country, modern, farmhouse, crafty look.  They are warm and welcoming.  They free up space and help your home to look open, light, and airy,

Rustic Wood Shelves

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Floating Wood Shelf Brackets

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    Floating Shelf Brackets – for 2″H x 8″W x 36″L Shelves

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    Floating Shelf Brackets – for 2″H x 8″W x 24″L Shelves

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    Floating Shelf Brackets – for 2″H x 6″W x 24″L Shelves

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How We Make the Rustic Wood Shelves

We look for wood that has knots and surface imperfections.  We want the wood to be weathered so that it has that rustic, old, and homey appeal.

We use a spiked board, chains, bolts, screws, and other items to give it a rugged, worn, natural look.  We hand grind the wood so their natural grains show.

Each board is hand wiped with high quality wood stain and polyurethane finish.

Our Experience with Floating Shelves

We moved into a new home with white walls everywhere.  We wanted to  create a warm, cozy, relaxing, and charming look.  Also, we wanted to avoid cluttering the home with too many bulky shelving units, cabinets, etc.  We wanted to display our crafts, pictures, memorabilia, art, and knick-knacks.

As we considered different options,  we fell in love with rustic wood floating shelves.  They create that warm and inviting looking we craved.

We tried our hand at making the wood floating shelves ourselves.  We wanted them to be just right.  After spending  hours of trial and error, we finally created shelves we are excited about.  We love how they look.  Also, when people visit us, they love seeing the displays and shelves.


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